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The UCLA TIE-INS program is a unique program owing much of its success to strong campus-wide partnerships.

Since the inception of the TIE-INS program in 2009, hundreds of UCLA students, staff and faculty from more than 20 units across campus have engaged and meaningfully interacted with the schools in a wide range of programs and initiatives.  As we support greater collaboration between the LAUSD sites and UCLA, the partnership advances the university’s mission of teaching, research, and service.



UCLA Center for Community Learning, the Math Department, the Education Studies minor program, and UCLA Arts have offered supervised opportunities for UCLA students to learn at the school through their service learning courses.  The partnership provided much needed enrichment for UCLA TIE-INS students as well as an exciting and vibrant undergraduate learning context.



As a site for public service, the UCLA TIE-INS schools provided many opportunities for faculty, staff, and students to serve K-12 students, assist teachers, and contribute to the local community. For example, 100s of UCLA undergraduates volunteered through the Community Based Learning Program (University HS only) and after-school as BruinCorps tutors (All Sites), contributing a total of 25,000 hours of enrichment, intervention and resourcing to students enrolled at TIE-INS schools.


In 2012-13, UCLA students and staff

served more than 48,000+ hours at TIE-INS schools.


The UCLA TIE-INS program is a unique program owing much of its success to strong campus-wide partnerships. The program not only provides enrollment opportunities at nearby LAUSD public schools for UCLA employees, but also works hand-in hand with LAUSD leadership, local school-based staff, and the greater UCLA community to strengthen school-wide improvements for all attending students enrolled at TIE-INS schools. The program continually strives to develop sustainable student programming, provide funds, and offer other important services to enhance opportunities for students across the TIE-INS K-12 family of schools.

Below is a breakdown of the units and programs that have supported TIE-INS schools since the program started in 2009.

UCLA College of Letters and Sciences





  • Faculty and staff provide technical support for the maintenance of school-based gardens
  • Working scientists and faculty partner with science classrooms to lead classroom learning, accompany classes on field trips, organize and judge science fairs, and perform live science demonstrations
  • TIE-INS schools serve as an internship site for the UCLA Center for Community Learning
  • TIE-INS schools serve as a project site for NSF grant with the Division of Physical Sciences
  • TIE-INS schools serve as an observation and student placement site for the CalTeach mathematics program
  • Student Demonstrations and guided field trip and on-site opportunities led by undergraduate & graduate students in the Astronomy & Physics department

UCLA Graduate School of Education & Information Studies






  • Education minor students provide classroom support to students in core content areas
  • Center X provides professional learning, coaching and national board certification support for school staff
  • TIE-INS schools purchase specialized services for site-based professional learning with UCLA Center X
  • TIE-INS schools serve as an inquiry site for TEP graduate student placements
  • TIE-INS schools serve an internship site for Education minor undergraduates and graduate students from the Information Studies department

UCLA Henry Samueli School of Engineering and Applied Sciences (SEAS)






  • Priority placement in highly coveted internships with SEAS research teams to highly qualified high school students
  • Priority placement to highly qualified high school students for annual summer research program with faculty teams
  • SEAS Online Tutoring and Mentoring Program pairs students with graduate mentors to support math and science coursework
  • SEAS coordinates graduate students, faculty, and engineering professionals to provide outreach and enrichment experiences
  • SEAS graduate student groups mentor students, conduct school engineering fairs, and lead science-focused competitions
  • SEAS Robotics Club
  • MESA program provides professional development and support to teachers preparing students for careers in science, technology, engineering and mathematics

UCLA Law School






  • Law students deliver a 10-week introduction to the study of law for high school students
  • TIE-INS schools serve as field placement sites for law students interested in working for community-based programs

UCLA School of Arts and Architecture






  • UCLA CAP’s Designs for Sharing program organizes K-12 performances and funds to transport students to UCLA performances
  • UCLA Music and Ethnomusicology Departments provides performance opportunities at UCLA and at school sites
  • Undergraduate volunteers provide 8-week sequential standards-based fine arts, dance, and music programs at sites
  • TIE-INS schools serve as field placement sites for the Visual and Performing Arts Education (VAPAE) minor undergraduates
  • VAPAE interns provide arts-based instruction for students
  • Gluck Music Outreach Program provides off-site field trips to support music appreciation and the arts at UCLA

UCLA School of Theatre, Film and Television






  • Undergraduates provide 8-week sequential theatre arts programs at sites
  • TIE-INS schools serve as field placement sites for the Theatre majors interested in working with K-12 schools

UCLA Semel Institute for Neuroscience and Human Behavior






  • Provides funding for student visits to working laboratories and discussions with research teams in neuroscience
  • Undergraduate and graduate students deliver lessons about the brain through the Project Brainstorm program
  • Summer offerings to middle and high school students in the field of Neuroscience
  • TIE-INS schools serve as field placement sites for the Neuroscience graduate students interested in working with K-12 schools

California NanoSystems Institute






  • Faculty visit classrooms to demo lab experiments and lead project-based learning activities with secondary students
  • Funding for professional development and full classroom sets of lab materials to lead project-based science experiments

UCLA Athletics






  • “I’m Going to College” program provides tickets to schools and hosts pre-game college fairs for participants
  • The “Bruin School Days” program provides tickets to schools and connects K-12 students with meet and greet opportunities with UCLA Athletes
  • UCLA Athletics Community Relations department develops mentoring relations between UCLA Athletics and youth at the TIE-INS schools


UCLA Center for Community Learning






  • UCLA BruinCorps tutors provide intervention support in math and English language arts
  • UCLA AmeriCorps and the California Public Interest Group provides after-school science and conservation programs
  • Funds transportation for UCLA campus visits and tours for students and their families

UCLA Center for the Study of Latino Health and Culture






  • Provides lectures and guest presentations with students

UCLA Center for Asian Languages & Confucius Institute






  • Chinese language teacher provides weekly foreign language program at four sites
  • Funding for transportation to cultural events at UCLA and the greater Los Angeles area
  • Provides professional development, support and funding for teachers interested in pursuing a credential in Chinese
  • Provides funds to families interested in participating in a summer language immersion programs in China

UCLA Community-Based Learning Program






  • Facilitation and funding of the University High School after-school program
  • Active efforts to secure additional funding for partnership grants to support the transition from middle to high school
  • Offer tuition free summer school opportunities at UCLA for qualified students (Title 1)
  • Provides paid student-workers to TIE-INS student programs during the summer

UCLA Extension






  • UCLA American Language Center utilizes TIE-INS schools as an observation site with visiting teachers from abroad

Office of Government and Community Relations






  • Visual branding provided to TIE-INS schools to identify them as UCLA Community Partner sites
  • UCLA Volunteer Center coordinates volunteers Annual UCLA Volunteer Day events at all TIE-INS schools
  • UCLA Volunteer Center’s, “One Bus, One Cause” events provide continued follow-up from Volunteer Day event projects

UCLA Recreation Center






  • Funding for playground equipment and donation of family gift vouchers for summer program attendance
  • Placement of trained fitness personnel to provide weekly PE instruction for elementary students
  • Recruitment of qualified students (Title 1) to participate in UCLA’s UniCamp program
  • Free usage of the UCLA Challenge Course to TIE-INS staff and families for team building efforts

UCLA Resource Center (BRC)






  • Bruin Guardian Academy partners with TIE-INS schools for summer school offerings
  • BRC staff provide human relations training for high school students participating in conflict mediation programs

UCLA Student & Campus Life






  • UCLA Bruin ACE Group provides tutoring and mentoring at school sites in the area of mathematics
  • UC Regents Scholars and the Los Angeles Mentorship Program provides AVID mentors, college workshop coordinators and SAT tutors to support University High School
  • UCLA CPOSA groups provide specialized tutoring and mentoring to students (e.g. Alumni Scholars Club, FITTED Student Group, Projecting Minds, and Active Minds
  • UCLA Greek system students provide tutoring and mentoring to students (e.g. Kappa Kappa Gamma, Phi Sigma Rho, Phi Delta Sigma, Latina Sorority and Triangle Fraternity
  • UCLA Tau Beta Pi Engineering Honor Society leads an afterschool program focused on getting students interested in Engineering

UCLA TIE-INS Program: Parent Contributions






  • Parents organize quarterly school-wide beautification projects
  • Parents support teachers in the classrooms and the administrative staff at schools
  • Parents coordinate parent events and serve as representative for the School Site Council
  • Parents actively organize and support fundraising efforts


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