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TIE-INS Schools

Basic information regarding TIE-INS schools.


School Report Cards

School Report CardThe School Report Card was a document published each year by the Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD) to represent the district's initiative to create a culture of accountability and transparency about its schools' performance and growth in areas of student learning.  However, due to budget cuts, the 2015-16 School Report Cards were the last to be published.  Previously published reports from 2008-09 through 2015-16 can be accessed here:  


School Experience Surveys

The School Experience Survey is an additional report published by the Los Angeles Unified School District that parents might find helpful as they investigate school options for their child. This report provides feedback from a survey of parents, school employees and students from all LAUSD schools. The survey questions span a wide rage of major topics for each of the groups listed below.

  • Students: Opportunities for learning, involvement in school, school cleanliness, and school safety.
  • Parents: Welcome to participate, involvement at school, involvement at home, and school safety.
  • School Staff: School support and commitment, teacher collaborations, and school order and safety.


To access the School Experience Survey for all LAUSD schools, please visit and select or type in the name of the school in the school down menu.