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How to Enroll

TIE-INS Enrollment Process for 2018-19 School Year

Children of UCLA employees with a completed application who have been accepted to the program will be eligible to enroll at TIE-INS schools.


Step 1: Apply to TIE-INS Program

  • Complete the TIE-INS Application.

  • Decision notification will be sent to you.
    (Please see school info page for specific dates)

    After you are accepted to the program, complete Step 2.


Step 2: Obtain LAUSD Permit

If you live within the boundaries of LAUSD -

Apply for an LAUSD intra-district permit form at your home school.  An administrator will need to sign and approve your transfer request, both from your home school and from the TIE-INS school. You can find your home school here.

Please call your home school before heading over to ensure the school has copies of the intra-district permit paperwork.

There is no online process for intra-district permits but is handled between the two schools.

If you live outside the boundaries of LAUSD -

Apply for an incoming LAUSD Inter-District Permit allowing your child(ren) to transfer from your home district to LAUSD. It is highly recommended that you begin this process with your home district office as soon as possible. Click here for steps to securing an inter-district permit.

A valid inter-district permit releasing you from your home district is required to complete enrollment at a TIE-INS school. The LAUSD online application window for inter district permits is February 1, 2018 - April 30, 2018.


Step 3: Enroll at your TIE-INS School

Pick-up LAUSD enrollment materials from the TIE-INS program office or satellite locations. Information regarding pick-up locations will be sent via email to all applicants (check website for specific dates by school).

If you live within the boundaries of LAUSD -

Add your completed intra-district permit paperwork to your TIE-INS enrollment packet.

If you live outside the boundaries of LAUSD -

When your home district releases your child to LAUSD, upload the home district release to complete the LAUSD online process.

You will receive notification from LAUSD that your inter district process is complete.

Complete enrollment packets and submit to your TIE-INS schools.  TIE-INS staff will keep all applicants informed of deadlines for each school.

If You Need Help

If you have any questions regarding enrollment, please contact Sarah Bang ( or June Chou Kim ( for assistance.


Apply for the
2018-19 school year

Click here for the
TIE-INS application form.


If you have questions, please contact:

Main Office
(310) 825-8165

Sarah Bang
TIE-INS Blue Director
(310) 804-7372

June Chou Kim
TIE-INS Gold Director
(213) 271-4425