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Department Auditor Instructions

Instructions for UCLA Department Auditors in ranking and reviewing TIE-INS applicants.

When you are logged in and viewing the Applications folder, the Departments you have access to audit will be displayed. Click on a Department to list its applicants.

Departmental Listings

Once you have loaded a Departmental page, its list of applicants and their current state will be displayed to you. To view more information on each applicant, click on their name. If the applicant has not been ranked, you will see a button under the Actions column called, "Rank Applicant." Clickthis button to make your ranking and add any comments you deem necessary.

Ranking applicants is a two step process. First they must be ranked, and second they must sent for review.

Ranking Applicants

  • Click the "Rank Applicant" button.

You will be presented with the ranking screen.

  • In the Departmental Ranking drop down menu select your rank recommendation for the applicant.
  • In the Ranking Rationale/Comments section add any comments you deem necessary.
  • Click the Save button.

You will be returned to the applicant's information page.

Sending Applicant For Review

The next step is to send the applicant on for review.

Return to the Departmental page and you will see that the action button for the applicant has changed to "Send For Review." Click the Send For Review button and the applicant will move on to the next state and you need to take no further actions.


If you have questions, please contact:

Main Office
(310) 825-8165

Sarah Bang
TIE-INS Director
(310) 804-7372

Alex Kim
Program Coordinator
(310) 825-8165