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TIE-INS (Together In Education In Neighborhood Schools) is a collaboration between UCLA and Beethoven Street Elementary School, Broadway Elementary School, Brockton Avenue Elementary School, Nora Sterry Elementary School, Walgrove Avenue Elementary School, Emerson Middle School, Mark Twain Middle School, and University High School. Chancellor Gene D. Block announced it May 18, 2009.

TIE-INS families interested in programs such as Dual Language Programs, Magnet Programs, and School for Advanced Studies must complete the LAUSD eChoices application, in addition to a TIE-INS application.  More information can be found at

The LAUSD eChoices application is available October 1st through November 9th.  Applications must be submitted by 5pm on November 9th to be considered.

UCLA TIE-INS applications will be available January 2019.

School for Advanced Studies programs at University High School and Emerson Community Charter are not available through eChoices.  Families will need to complete applications directly with the school.  Please contact the schools directly for application window information.


TIE-INS (Together In Education In Neighborhood Schools) is a collaboration between UCLA and


  • Beethoven Street Elementary School
  • Broadway Elementary School
  • Brockton Avenue Elementary School
  • Nora Sterry Elementary School
  • Walgrove Avenue Elementary School
  • Emerson Middle School
  • Mark Twain Middle School
  • University High School



The collaboration enables children of UCLA employees who live outside the attendance area to go to these eight public schools. In exchange, UCLA—with guidance from the schools’ leaders—provides assistance and enrichment in support of high achievement for all students in these schools.

The participating schools are in Los Angeles Unified School District Local West, and each has a rich history with UCLA. Any UCLA employee’s child who is selected by UCLA for enrollment in any of the TIE-INS schools is guaranteed the opportunity to attend through high school graduation so long as the child meets the expectations for academic performance, attendance, and citizenship. Once part of TIE-INS, there is no need to reapply each year to continue, as is required by many other programs.

UCLA Support of TIE-INS Schools

The UCLA TIE-INS program strives to expand University and K-12 school partnerships that respect and strengthen each school's capacity to improve student learning and achievement. We work collaboratively with principals and teachers to identify individual and collective needs of our partner schools and match UCLA resources to enhance the learning opportunities that ultimately benefit all students.

Below are some of our program highlights:

  • Satisfied parents as expressed on school surveys and through parents’ active participation at their local TIE-INS schools.
  • Numerous programs, resources, and in-kind contributions from UCLA units and departments provided by UCLA undergraduate and graduate tutors to strengthen school-based intervention and enrichment programs.
  • Professional development offerings from the UCLA Graduate School of Education & Information Studies for teachers at TIE-INS schools to support school-wide improvement efforts in core content areas.
  • Establishment of programs at TIE-INS schools with UCLA units and departments resulting in mutually beneficial relationships between UCLA researchers and program staff.


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How do I apply to participate in TIE-INS for the 2018-2019 academic year?

Applications for TIE-INS for the 2018-2019 academic year are now closed. Please check back in January 2019 for the 2019-2020 application.


Please contact:


If you have questions, please contact:

Main Office
(310) 825-8165

Sarah Bang
TIE-INS Director
(310) 804-7372

June Chou Kim
TIE-INS Director
(213) 271-4425

Alex Kim
Program Coordinator
(310) 825-8165